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Pronunciation of High: Learn how to pronounce High in English correctly

Learn how to say High correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word high:

1of great vertical extent:
the top of a high mountain
(after a measurement and in questions) measuring a specified distance from top to bottom:
a tree forty feet high
far above ground, sea level, or another point of reference:
a palace high up on a hill
extending above the normal level:
a round face with a high forehead
[attributive] (of an area) inland and well above sea level:
high prairies
[attributive] performed at, to, or from a considerable height:
high diving
(of latitude) close to 90°; near the North or South Pole:
high southern latitudes
2great, or greater than normal, in quantity, size, or intensity:
a high temperature
sweets are very high in calories
of large numerical or monetary value:
they had been playing for high stakes
very favourable:
she had no very high opinion of men
extreme in religious or political views:
a man of high Tory opinions
(of a period or movement) at its peak:
high summer
3great in rank, status, or importance:
both held high office under Lloyd George
financial security is high on your list of priorities
ranking above others of the same kind:
the last High King of Ireland
morally or culturally superior:
blurring the distinctions between high art and popular art
4(of a sound or note) having a frequency at the upper end of the auditory range:
a high, squeaky voice
(of a singer or instrument) producing notes of relatively high pitch:
a high soprano voice
5 [predic.] informal feeling euphoric, especially from the effects of drugs or alcohol:
she wasn’t tipsy, just a little high
some of them were high on Ecstasy
6 [predic.] (especially of food) unpleasantly strong-smelling because beginning to go bad:
it’s a type of preserved butter, used for cooking, smells a little high
(of game) slightly decomposed and so ready to cook.
7 Phonetics (of a vowel) produced with the tongue relatively near the palate.
1a high point, level, or figure:
commodity prices were at a rare high
a high-frequency sound or musical note:
piercing highs and subterranean lows
a high power setting:
the vent blower was on high
an area of high barometric pressure; an anticyclone.
2a notably happy or successful moment:
the highs and lows of life
[usually in singular] informal a state of high spirits or euphoria:
if the stable is doing well then everybody’s on a high
3 informal, chiefly North American high school:
I go to junior high
4top gear in a motor vehicle:
the system lets you shift into 4WD high
1at or to a considerable or specified height:
the sculpture stood about five feet high
a dish piled high with baked beans
he ranked high among the pioneers of chemical technology
at a high price:
buying shares low and selling them high
3(of a sound) at or to a high pitch:
my voice went high with excitement