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Pronunciation of Herds: Learn how to pronounce Herds in English correctly

Learn how to say Herds correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word herd:

a large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals, that live together or are kept together as livestock:
a herd of elephants
farms with big dairy herds
derogatory a large group of people with a shared characteristic:
I dodged herds of joggers
he is not of the common herd
1 [with adverbial of direction] (with reference to a group of people or animals) move in a group:
[with object]:
they were herded into a bus
[no object]:
we all herded into a storage room
2 [with object] keep or look after (livestock):
they live by herding reindeer

Old English heord, of Germanic origin; related to German Herde