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Pronunciation of Heart: Learn how to pronounce Heart in English correctly

Learn how to say Heart correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word heart:

1a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers (as in humans), with two atria and two ventricles.
the region of the chest above the heart:
holding hand on heart for the Pledge of Allegiance
the heart regarded as the centre of a person’s thoughts and emotions, especially love or compassion:
hardening his heart, he ignored her entreaties
he poured out his heart to me
[mass noun]:
he has no heart
[mass noun] one’s mood or feeling:
they had a change of heart
they found him well and in good heart
[mass noun] courage or enthusiasm:
they may lose heart as the work mounts up
Mary took heart from the encouragement handed out
2the central or innermost part of something:
right in the heart of the city
the vital part or essence:
the heart of the matter
the close compact head of a cabbage or lettuce.
3a conventional representation of a heart with two equal curves meeting at a point at the bottom and a cusp at the top.
(hearts) one of the four suits in a conventional pack of playing cards, denoted by a red heart-shaped figure.
a card of the suit of hearts.
(hearts) a card game similar to whist, in which players attempt to avoid taking tricks containing a card of the suit of hearts.
4 [usually with modifier] the condition of agricultural land as regards fertility:
a well-maintained farm in good heart
[with object] informal
like very much; love:
I totally heart this song
[from use of the symbol ♥, first popularized by the ‘I ♥ NY’ advertising campaign of the late 1970s]