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Pronunciation of Hanged: Learn how to pronounce Hanged in English correctly

Learn how to say Hanged correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hang:

verb (past and past participle hung /hʌŋ/ except in sense 2)
1suspend or be suspended from above with the lower part dangling free:
[with object]:
that’s where people are supposed to hang their washing
[no object]:
he stood swaying, his arms hanging limply by his sides
attach or be attached to a hook on a wall:
[with object]:
we could just hang the pictures on the walls
[no object]:
the room in which the pictures will hang
(be hung with) be adorned with (pictures or other decorations):
the walls of her hall were hung with examples of her work
attach or be attached so as to allow free movement about the point of attachment:
[with object]:
a long time was spent hanging a couple of doors
[no object, with complement]:
she just sat with her mouth hanging open
[with object] attach (meat or game) to a hook and leave it until dry, tender, or high:
venison needs to be hung for a minimum of seven days
[no object, with adverbial] (of fabric or a garment) fall or drape from a fixed point in a specified way:
this blend of silk and wool hangs well and resists creases
[with object] paste (wallpaper) to a wall:
if you’re using lining paper, hang it horizontally
2 (past and past participle hanged) [with object] kill (someone) by tying a rope attached from above around their neck and removing the support from beneath them (often used as a form of capital punishment):
he was hanged for murder
she hanged herself in her cell
[no object] be killed by hanging:
both men were sentenced to hang
dated used in expressions as a mild oath:
[no object]:
they could all go hang
[with object]:
I’m hanged if I know
3 [no object, with adverbial of place] remain static in the air:
a black pall of smoke hung over Valletta
be present or imminent, especially oppressively or threateningly:
a sense of dread hung over him for days
4 Computing come or cause to come unexpectedly to a state in which no further operations can be carried out:
[no object]:
the machine has hung
[with object]:
it kept hanging my computer
5 [with object] Baseball deliver (a pitch) which does not change direction and is easily hit by a batter:
this leads to hanging a breaking ball
6North Americaninformal way of saying hang around (sense 2 phrasalVerbs) or hang out (sense 3 phrasalVerbs).
[in singular]
a downward droop or bend:
the bullish hang of his head
the way in which something hangs:
the hang of the garments
the way in which pictures are displayed in an exhibition:
critics are apt to use up as much space reviewing the hang as the art
South African & NZ dated
used to express a range of strong emotions from enthusiasm to anger:
hang, but I loved those soldiers!