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Pronunciation of Halls: Learn how to pronounce Halls in English correctly

Learn how to say Halls correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word hall:

1the room or space just inside the front entrance of a house or flat.
North American a corridor or area on to which rooms open.
2a building or large room used for meetings, concerts, or other events:
the village hall
historical the building in which a guild was housed.
3a large room in a mansion or palace used for receptions and banquets.
[in names] British a large country house, especially one with a landed estate:
Darlington Hall
the principal living room of a medieval house.
4 (also hall of residence) British a university building containing rooms for students to live in:
for a brief time they had shared a room in hall
the room used for meals in a college, university, or school:
he dined in hall

Old English hall, heall (originally denoting a roofed space, located centrally, for the communal use of a tribal chief and his people); of Germanic origin and related to German Halle, Dutch hall, also to Norwegian and Swedish hall