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Pronunciation of Grind: Learn how to pronounce Grind in English correctly

Learn how to say Grind correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word grind:

verb (past and past participle ground /graŹŠnd/)
1 [with object] reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it:
grind some black pepper over the salad
she ground up the rice prior to boiling
sharpen, smooth, or produce (something) by crushing or by friction:
power from a waterwheel was used to grind cutlery
operate (a mill or machine) by turning the handle:
she was grinding a coffee mill
[no object] (of a mill or machine) work with a crushing action:
the old mill was grinding again
2rub or cause to rub together gratingly:
[no object]:
tectonic plates that inexorably grind against each other
[with object]:
he keeps me awake at night, grinding his teeth
[with object] press or rub (something) into a surface:
she ground a half-smoked cigarette into the ashtray
[no object, with adverbial] move noisily and laboriously:
the truck was grinding slowly up the hill
3 [no object] informal (of a dancer) gyrate the hips erotically:
go-go girls grinding to blaring disco
British vulgar slang, dated have sexual intercourse.
1a crushing or grating sound or motion:
the crunch and grind of bulldozers
the slow grind of the US legal system
the size of ground particles:
only the right grind gives you all the fine flavour
2hard dull work:
relief from the daily grind
US informal an excessively hard-working student.
Irish a private tuition class:
experienced teacher offers grinds in Maths and Irish, to all levels
3 informal a dancer’s erotic gyration of the hips:
a bump and grind
British vulgar slang, dated an act of sexual intercourse.

grind to a halt (or come to a grinding halt)

slow down gradually and then stop completely:
in summer traffic all but grinds to a halt
the surge of modernism finally seemed to grind to a halt
Phrasal Verbs

grind away

work or study hard:
he began to grind away in a job as a research assistant
grind someone down

wear someone down with continuous harsh treatment:
mundane everyday things which just grind people down
grind on

continue for a long time in a wearying or tedious way:
the rail talks grind on
grind something out

produce something dull or tedious slowly and laboriously:
the band was grinding out the inevitable summer songs

Old English grindan, probably of Germanic origin. Although no cognates are known, it may be distantly related to Latin frendere ‘rub away, gnash’