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Pronunciation of Greenish: Learn how to pronounce Greenish in English correctly

Learn how to say Greenish correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word green:

1of the colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum; coloured like grass or emeralds:
her flashing green eyes
the leaves are bright green
consisting of fresh green vegetables:
a green salad
denoting a green light or flag used as a signal to proceed.
(of a ski run) of the lowest level of difficulty, as indicated by green markers on the run.
Physics denoting one of three colours of quark.
2covered with grass or other vegetation:
proposals that would smother green fields with development
(usually Green) concerned with or supporting protection of the environment as a political principle:
official Green candidates
(of a product or service) not harmful to the environment:
traditional, modern, and green funerals
3(of a plant or fruit) young or unripe:
green shoots
(of wood, food, or leather) in its original or untreated state; not seasoned, tanned, cured, or dried.
still strong or vigorous:
clubs devoted to keeping green the memory of Sherlock Holmes
archaic (of a wound) fresh; not healed.
4(of a person) inexperienced or naive:
a green recruit fresh from college
5(of a person or their complexion) pale and sickly-looking:
‘Are you all right?—You look absolutely green’
1 [mass noun] green colour or pigment:
major roads are marked in green
green clothes or material:
two girls in red and green
green foliage or vegetation:
that lovely canopy of green over Stratford Road
informal, dated low-grade cannabis:
he got hold of some bad green
2a green thing, in particular:
(greens) green vegetables:
eat up your greens
a green light.
the green ball in snooker.
informal, dated money:
that’s a lot of green
3a piece of public grassy land, especially in the centre of a village:
a house overlooking the green
an area of smooth, very short grass immediately surrounding a hole on a golf course:
a 60 ft putt on the last green
4 (usually Green) a member or supporter of an environmentalist group or party:
the Greens’ remarkable 15 per cent vote
1make or become green in colour:
[no object]:
the roof was greening with lichen
2 [with object] make (an urban or desert area) more verdant by planting trees or other vegetation:
they will continue greening the many treeless and dusty suburbs
3 [with object] make less harmful to the environment:
tips on how to green your home