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Pronunciation of Grayed: Learn how to pronounce Grayed in English correctly

Learn how to say Grayed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word grey:

adjective (greyer, greyest; grayer, grayest)
1of a colour intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or lead:
grey flannel trousers
his hair was grey and wispy
(of the weather) cloudy and dull:
a cold, grey November day
(of a person) having grey hair:
[as complement]:
she’s getting on a bit, and going grey
informal relating to old people collectively:
grey power
the grey market
(of a person’s face) pale, as through tiredness, age, or illness:
his face looked grey and drawn
2without interest or character; dull and nondescript:
grey, faceless men
the grey daily routine
3(of financial or trading activity) not accounted for in official statistics:
the grey economy
4South African historical relating to an ethnically mixed residential area:
a grey Cape Town suburb
1 [mass noun] grey colour or pigment:
dirty intermediate tones of grey
grey clothes or material:
the gentleman in grey
grey hair:
he sighed at the amount of grey at his temple
2a grey thing or animal, in particular a grey or white horse.
[no object] (especially of hair) become grey with age:
he had put on weight and greyed somewhat
(as adjective greying)
a man with greying hair
(of a person) become older:
(as adjective greying)
a greying workforce