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Pronunciation of Grand: Learn how to pronounce Grand in English correctly

Learn how to say Grand correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word grand:

1magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style:
a grand country house
the dinner party was very grand
large, ambitious, or impressive in scope or scale:
his grand design for the future of Europe
this was opera on a grand scale
(of a person) of high rank and behaving in an appropriately proud or dignified way:
she was such a grand lady
used in names of places or buildings to suggest size or splendour:
the Grand Canyon
the Grand Hotel
2 [attributive] denoting the largest or most important item of its kind:
the grand entrance
of the highest rank (used especially in official titles):
the Grand Vizier
Law (of a crime) serious:
grand theft
Compare with petty (sense 2).
3 informal very good or enjoyable; excellent:
we had a grand day
4 [in combination] (in names of family relationships) denoting one generation removed in ascent or descent:
a grand-niece
1 (plural same) informal a thousand dollars or pounds:
he gets thirty-five grand a year
2a grand piano.

a (or the) grand old man of

a man long and highly respected in (a particular field):
the grand old man of the Labour Left




Middle English: from Old French grant, grand, from Latin grandis ‘full-grown, big, great’. The original uses were to denote family relationships (grand (sense 4 of the adjective), following Old French usage) and as a title (the Grand, translating Old French le Grand); hence the senses ‘of the highest rank’, ‘of great importance’