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Pronunciation of Gourd: Learn how to pronounce Gourd in English correctly

Learn how to say Gourd correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gourd:

1a fleshy, typically large fruit with a hard skin, some varieties of which are edible.
a drinking or water container made from the hollowed and dried skin of a gourd.
2a climbing or trailing plant which bears gourds.
Family Cucurbitaceae (the gourd family): several genera and species, including the coloured ornamental gourds (Cucurbita pepo variety ovifera). The gourd family also includes the marrows, squashes, pumpkins, melons, and cucumbers
out of one’s gourd
North American informal
out of one’s mind; crazy.
under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
noun (plural gourdfuls)
Middle English: from Old French gourde, based on Latin cucurbita