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Pronunciation of Going: Learn how to pronounce Going in English correctly

Learn how to say Going correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word going:

1an act of leaving a place; a departure:
don’t lose track of your child’s comings and goings
2 [in singular] the condition of the ground viewed in terms of suitability for horse racing, riding, or walking:
the going was ideal here, with short turf and a level surface
progress affected by the condition of the ground:
the paths were covered with drifting snow and the going was difficult
conditions for, or progress in, an endeavour:
an opportunity to get out while the going is good
1 [predic.] chiefly British existing or available; to be had:
he asked if there were any other jobs going
2 [attributive] (of a price) accepted or usual at the current time:
people willing to work for the going rate