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Pronunciation of Girdles: Learn how to pronounce Girdles in English correctly

Learn how to say Girdles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word girdle:

1a belt or cord worn round the waist:
her waist was defined by a gold chain girdle
a thing that encircles something like a girdle:
a communications girdle around the world
Anatomy either of two sets of bones encircling the body, to which the limbs are attached. See pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle.
2a woman’s elasticated corset extending from waist to thigh:
she wears corsets and girdles, tight and uncomfortable
3the part of a cut gem dividing the crown from the base and embraced by the setting.
4a ring made around a tree by removing bark.
[with object]
1encircle (the body) with a girdle:
the Friar loosened the rope that girdled his waist
surround; encircle:
the chain of volcanoes which girdles the Pacific
2cut through the bark all the way round (a tree or branch), typically in order to kill it:
sometimes the trees were completely girdled and died

Old English gyrdel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gordel and German G├╝rtel, also to gird1 and girth