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Pronunciation of Geriatric: Learn how to pronounce Geriatric in English correctly

Learn how to say Geriatric correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word geriatric:

relating to old people, especially with regard to their health care:
a geriatric hospital
informal decrepit; very old or outdated:
replacements for a geriatric locomotive fleet
an old person, especially one receiving special care:
a rest home for geriatrics

1920s: from Greek g─ôras ‘old age’ + iatros ‘doctor’, on the pattern of paediatric

Geriatric is the normal, semi-official term used in Britain and the US when referring to the health care of old people (a geriatric ward; geriatric patients). When used outside such contexts, it typically carries overtones of being worn out and decrepit and can therefore be offensive if used with reference to people.