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Pronunciation of Gazette: Learn how to pronounce Gazette in English correctly

Learn how to say Gazette correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gazette:

a journal or newspaper, especially the official one of an organization or institution:
a sporting gazette
[in names]:
the Police Gazette
historical a news-sheet.
[with object] British
announce or publish (something) in an official gazette:
we will need to gazette the bill if a decision cannot be reached imminently
(as adjective gazetted)
a gazetted holiday
[with object and adverbial] publish the appointment of (someone) to a military or other official post:
he was gazetted to the Somerset Light Infantry

early 17th century: via French from Italian gazzetta, originally Venetian gazeta de la novità ‘a halfpennyworth of news’ (because the news-sheet sold for a gazeta, a Venetian coin of small value)