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Pronunciation of Gathered: Learn how to pronounce Gathered in English correctly

Learn how to say Gathered correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gather:

1 [no object] come together; assemble or accumulate:
as soon as a crowd gathered, the police came
2 [with object] bring together and take in from scattered places or sources:
information that we have gathered about people
(gather something up) pick something up:
I gathered up the prescription and went to the door
(gather something in) harvest grain or other crops:
the harvest of wheat and barley had been gathered in
[no object] collect plants, fruits, etc., for food:
the Bushmen live by hunting and gathering
3 [with object] increase in (speed, force, etc.):
the destroyer gathered speed
4 [with object] infer; understand:
[with clause]:
I gathered that they were old friends
5 [with object] summon up (a mental or physical attribute) for a purpose:
she lay gathering her thoughts together
he gathered himself for a tremendous leap
gain or recover (one’s breath):
she paused to gather her breath and leaned against the wall puffing
6 [with object] pull (someone) into one’s arms:
she gathered the child in her arms
pull (clothing) more tightly around one’s body.
7 [with object] draw and hold together (fabric or a part of a garment) by running thread through it:
the front is gathered at the waist
a part of a garment that is gathered.

gather way

(of a ship) begin to move:
slowly the two tugs gathered way



Old English gaderian, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch gaderen, also to together