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Pronunciation of Gate: Learn how to pronounce Gate in English correctly

Learn how to say Gate correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gate:

1a hinged barrier used to close an opening in a wall, fence, or hedge:
she closed the front gate
they were opening the gates of their country wide to the enemy
a gateway:
she went out through the gate
an exit from an airport building to an aircraft:
a departure gate
[in names] a mountain pass or other natural passage:
the Golden Gate
2the number of people who pay to enter a sports ground for an event:
an average home gate of more than 12,000
the money taken for admission.
3a device resembling a gate in structure or function, in particular:
a hinged or sliding barrier for controlling the flow of water:
a sluice gate
an arrangement of slots into which the gear lever of a motor vehicle moves to engage each gear.
a device for holding each frame of a film in position behind the lens of a camera or projector.
4an electric circuit with an output which depends on the combination of several inputs:
a logic gate
the part of a field-effect transistor to which a signal is applied to control the resistance of the conductive channel of the device.
[with object] British
confine (a pupil or student) to school or college:
he was gated for the rest of term
get (or be given) the gate
North American informal be dismissed from a job.
Old English gæt, geat, plural gatu, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gat ‘gap, hole, breach’