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Pronunciation of Gassed: Learn how to pronounce Gassed in English correctly

Learn how to say Gassed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gas:

noun (plural gases or chiefly US gasses)
[mass noun]
1an air-like fluid substance which expands freely to fill any space available, irrespective of its quantity:
hot balls of gas that become stars
[count noun]:
poisonous gases
Physics a gaseous substance that cannot be liquefied by the application of pressure alone. Compare with vapour.
a flammable gas used as a fuel:
cooking is done by bottled gas
a gaseous anaesthetic such as nitrous oxide, used in dentistry.
gas or vapour used as a poisonous agent in warfare:
gas was one of the most dreaded weapons of the war
North American gas generated in the alimentary canal; flatulence.
Mining an explosive mixture of firedamp with air.
2North American informalshort for gasoline.
we stopped for gas
used in reference to power or the accelerator of a car:
I ordered my friend to step on the gas
3 (a gas) informal an entertaining or amusing person or situation:
the party would be a gas
[mass noun] Irish enjoyment, amusement, or fun:
it was great gas in the club last night
verb (gases, gassing, gassed)
[with object]
1kill or harm by exposure to gas:
my son was gassed at Verdun
[no object] (of a storage battery or dry cell) give off gas:
(as noun gassing)
the maintenance-free charger controls the input without inducing gassing
2 [no object] informal talk excessively about trivial matters:
I thought you’d never stop gassing
3North American informal fill the tank of (a motor vehicle) with petrol:
after gassing up the car, he went into the restaurant
Irish informal
very amusing or entertaining:
Ruthie, that’s gas—you’re a gem

run out of gas

North American informal run out of energy; lose momentum:
as a humorist he ran out of gas years ago

mid 17th century: invented by J. B. van Helmont (1577–1644), Belgian chemist, to denote an occult principle which he believed to exist in all matter; suggested by Greek khaos ‘chaos’, with Dutch g representing Greek kh

Spelling rule

Add -es to make the plural of words which end in -s: gases (the spelling gasses is mainly American).