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Pronunciation of Gallantly: Learn how to pronounce Gallantly in English correctly

Learn how to say Gallantly correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gallant:

1 /ˈgal(ə)nt/ (of a person or their behaviour) brave; heroic:
she had made gallant efforts to pull herself together
archaic grand or impressive:
they made a gallant array as they marched off
2 /ˈgal(ə)nt, gəˈlant/ (of a man) charmingly attentive and chivalrous to women:
a gallant gentleman came over and kissed my hand
Pamella thought that was very gallant of him
Pronunciation: /ˈgal(ə)nt, gəˈlant/ archaic
a man who is charmingly attentive to women:
he launches himself into a gallant’s career of amorous intrigue
a dashing and fashionable gentleman.
Pronunciation: /gəˈlant, ˈgal(ə)nt/ [with object] archaic
(of a man) flirt with (a woman):
Mowbray was gallanting the Polish lady


Pronunciation: /ˈgal(ə)ntli/ adverb