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Pronunciation of Gaiety: Learn how to pronounce Gaiety in English correctly

Learn how to say Gaiety correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word gaiety:

noun (plural gaieties)
[mass noun]
the state or quality of being light-hearted or cheerful:
the sudden gaiety of children’s laughter
lively celebration or festivities:
he seemed to be a part of the gaiety, having a wonderful time
(gaieties) dated entertainments or amusements:
people long for the enchantments and gaieties of the European cities

the gaiety of nations

British, often ironic general cheerfulness or amusement:
editors added to the gaiety of nations by suing each other

mid 17th century: from French gaieté, from gai (see gay)

Spelling help

Spell gaiety with -aie- in the middle (the spelling gayety is American).