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Pronunciation of Frocked: Learn how to pronounce Frocked in English correctly

Learn how to say Frocked correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word frock:

chiefly British
1a woman’s or girl’s dress:
her new party frock
2a loose outer garment, in particular:
a long gown with flowing sleeves worn by monks, priests, or clergy:
the chaplain tottered in stiff splendid frocks
historical an agricultural worker’s smock; a smock-frock.
short for frock coat.
archaic a woollen jersey worn by sailors:
his Cornish-knit frock
3 archaic the work and position of a priest:
such words as these cost the preacher his frock
[in combination]:
a black-frocked Englishman
late Middle English: from Old French froc, of Germanic origin. The sense ‘priest’s or monk’s gown’ is preserved in defrock