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Pronunciation of Fridays: Learn how to pronounce Fridays in English correctly

Learn how to say Fridays correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Friday:

the day of the week before Saturday and following Thursday:
he was arrested on Friday
the previous Friday
the cleaning woman came on Fridays
[as modifier]:
Friday evening
chiefly North American
on Friday:
we’ll try again Friday
(Fridays) on Fridays; each Friday:
he goes there Fridays
Old English Frīgedæg ‘day of Frigga’, named after the Germanic goddess Frigga, wife of the supreme god Odin and goddess of married love; translation of late Latin Veneris dies ‘day of Venus’, Frigga being equated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Compare with Dutch vrijdag and German Freitag