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Pronunciation of Freshen: Learn how to pronounce Freshen in English correctly

Learn how to say Freshen correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word freshen:

1 [with object] make (something) newer, cleaner, or more attractive:
it didn’t take long to freshen her make-up
2 [no object] (of wind) become stronger and colder:
the westerly wind freshened and howled dismally
(as adjective freshening)
the yachts picked up a freshening breeze
3chiefly North American add more liquid to (a drink); top up:
the waitress freshened their coffee
4 [no object] North American (of a cow) give birth and come into milk.
Phrasal Verbs

freshen up
refresh oneself by washing or changing into clean clothes:
he went off to freshen up in the local baths

[usually in combination]:
an air-freshener