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Pronunciation of Freer: Learn how to pronounce Freer in English correctly

Learn how to say Freer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word free:

adjective (freer /ˈfriːə/, freest /ˈfriːɪst/)
1able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another:
I have no ambitions other than to have a happy life and be free
a free choice
[with infinitive] able or permitted to take a specified action:
you are free to leave
(of a state or its citizens or institutions) subject neither to foreign domination nor to despotic government:
a free press
historical not a slave:
the poor among the free men joined the slaves against the rich
[in names] denoting an ethnic or political group actively opposing an occupying or invading force, in particular the groups that continued resisting the Germans in the Second World War after the fall of their countries:
the Free Dutch, Free Polish, and Free Norwegian fleets
See also Free French.
2 [often as complement] not or no longer confined or imprisoned:
the researchers set the birds free
not physically obstructed or fixed:
he tried to kick his legs free
Physics (of power or energy) disengaged or available. See also free energy.
Physics & Chemistry not bound in an atom, a molecule, or a compound:
the atmosphere of that time contained virtually no free oxygen
See also free radical.
Linguistics denoting a linguistic form that can be used in isolation.
3not subject to engagements or obligations:
she spent her free time shopping
(of a facility or piece of equipment) not occupied or in use:
the bathroom was free
4 (free of/from) not subject to or affected by (something undesirable):
our salsas are free of preservatives
5given or available without charge:
free health care
6using or expending something without restraint; lavish:
she was always free with her money
frank or unrestrained in speech, expression, or action:
he was free in his talk of revolution
archaic overfamiliar or forward.
7(of literature or music) not observing the normal conventions of style or form.
(of a translation) conveying only the broad sense; not literal.
8 Sailing (of the wind) blowing from a favourable direction to the side or aft of a vessel.
1without cost or payment:
ladies were admitted free
2 Sailing with the sheets eased:
I kept her off the wind and sailing free until I had all square forward
verb (frees, freeing, freed)
[with object]
1release from confinement or slavery:
they were freed from jail
release from physical obstruction or restraint:
I had to tug hard and at last freed him
she struggled to free herself from the tenacious mud
2remove something undesirable or restrictive from:
his inheritance freed him from financial constraints
free your body of excess tension
3make available for a particular purpose:
we are freeing management time for alternative work