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Pronunciation of Fowl: Learn how to pronounce Fowl in English correctly

Learn how to say Fowl correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fowl:

noun (plural same or fowls)
(also domestic fowl) a gallinaceous bird kept for its eggs and flesh; a domestic cock or hen.
The domestic fowl is derived from the wild red junglefowl of SE Asia (see junglefowl)
any other domesticated bird kept for its eggs or flesh, e.g. a turkey or goose.
[mass noun] the flesh of domesticated birds as food; poultry:
a stew of various meats and fowl
used in names of birds that resemble the domestic fowl:
birds collectively, especially as the quarry of hunters:
an abundance of game, fowl, and fish
archaic a bird.

Old English fugol ‘bird’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vogel and German Vogel, also to fly1