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Pronunciation of Foul: Learn how to pronounce Foul in English correctly

Learn how to say Foul correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word foul:

1offensive to the senses, especially through having a disgusting smell or taste or being dirty:
a foul odour
his foul breath
informal very disagreeable or unpleasant:
the news had put Michelle in a foul mood
2wicked or immoral:
murder most foul
(of language) obscene:
foul oaths
foul language
done contrary to the rules of a sport:
a foul tackle
3containing or full of noxious matter; polluted:
foul, swampy water
(foul with) clogged or choked with:
the land was foul with weeds
Nautical (of a rope or anchor) entangled.
(of a ship’s bottom) overgrown with weed, barnacles, or similar matter.
4(of the weather) wet and stormy:
he walked in fair and foul weather
the weather turned foul
Sailing (of wind or tide) opposed to one’s desired course:
it sometimes becomes advantageous to anchor during the periods of foul tide
(in sport) an unfair or invalid stroke or piece of play, especially one involving interference with an opponent:
the midfielder was booked for a foul on Ford
a collision or entanglement in riding, rowing, or running.
contrary to the rules; unfairly.
[with object]
1make foul or dirty; pollute:
factories which fouled the atmosphere
(of an animal) make (something) dirty with excrement:
make sure that your pet never fouls paths
(foul oneself) (of a person) defecate involuntarily.
2(in sport) commit a foul against (an opponent):
United claim their keeper was fouled
3(of a ship) collide with or interfere with the passage of (another):
the ships became overcrowded and fouled each other
cause (a cable, anchor, or other object) to become entangled or jammed:
watch out for driftwood which might foul up the engine