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Pronunciation of Formal: Learn how to pronounce Formal in English correctly

Learn how to say Formal correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word formal:

1done in accordance with convention or etiquette; suitable for or constituting an official or important occasion:
a formal dinner party
(of a person or their manner) strictly conventional:
he is formal in manner and clothing
having a conventionally recognized form, structure, or set of rules:
he had little formal education
of or denoting a style of writing or public speaking characterized by more elaborate grammatical structures and more conservative and technical vocabulary.
2officially sanctioned or recognized:
a formal complaint
3of or concerned with outward form or appearance as distinct from content:
I don’t know enough about art to appreciate the purely formal qualities
having the form or appearance without the spirit:
the committee stage would be purely formal
relating to linguistic or logical form as opposed to function or meaning.
North American
an evening dress:
cocktail parties every night so the ladies can show off their formals
an occasion on which evening dress is worn:
the college will be hosting their annual formal on February 6

late Middle English: from Latin formalis, from forma ‘shape, mould’ (see form)