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Pronunciation of Forbear: Learn how to pronounce Forbear in English correctly

Learn how to say Forbear correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word forbear:

verb (past forbore /-ˈbɔː/; past participle forborne /-ˈbɔːn/)
[no object]
politely or patiently restrain an impulse to do something; refrain:
[with infinitive]:
he modestly forbears to include his own work

Old English forberan (see for-, bear1). The original senses were ‘endure, bear with’, hence ‘endure the absence of, do without’, also ‘control oneself’, hence ‘refrain from’ (Middle English)

Do not confuse forbear with forebear. Forbear means ‘stop yourself from doing something’ (
he doesn’t forbear to write about the bad times
), while forebear (which is also sometimes spelled forbear) means ‘an ancestor’ (
our Stone Age forebears