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Pronunciation of Floater: Learn how to pronounce Floater in English correctly

Learn how to say Floater correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word floater:

a person or thing that floats
any of a number of dark spots that appear in one’s vision as a result of dead cells or fragments in the lens or vitreous humour of the eye
(US & Canadian)
a person of no fixed political opinion
a person who votes illegally in more than one district at one election
a voter who can be bribed
Also called: floating policy (US & Canadian, insurance) a policy covering loss or theft of or damage to movable property, such as jewels or furs, regardless of its location
(US, informal) a person who often changes employment, residence, etc; drifter
(Australian) a loose gold- or opal-bearing rock
(Australian) (esp in Adelaide) a meat pie in a plate of pea soup