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Pronunciation of Floated: Learn how to pronounce Floated in English correctly

Learn how to say Floated correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word float:

to rest or cause to rest on the surface of a fluid or in a fluid or space without sinking; be buoyant or cause to exhibit buoyancy ⇒ oil floats on water, to float a ship
to move or cause to move buoyantly, lightly, or freely across a surface or through air, water, etc; drift ⇒ fog floated across the road
to move about aimlessly, esp in the mind ⇒ thoughts floated before him
to suspend or be suspended without falling; hang ⇒ lights floated above them
to launch or establish (a commercial enterprise, etc)
to offer for sale (stock or bond issues, etc) on the stock market
(transitive) (finance) to allow (a currency) to fluctuate against other currencies in accordance with market forces
(transitive) to flood, inundate, or irrigate (land), either artificially or naturally
(transitive) to spread, smooth, or level (a surface of plaster, rendering, etc)
something that floats
(angling) an indicator attached to a baited line that sits on the water and moves when a fish bites
a small hand tool with a rectangular blade used for floating plaster, etc
(mainly US) any buoyant object, such as a platform or inflated tube, used offshore by swimmers or, when moored alongside a pier, as a dock by vessels
Also called: paddle. a blade of a paddle wheel
(British) a buoyant garment or device to aid a person in staying afloat
a hollow watertight structure fitted to the underside of an aircraft to allow it to land on water
another name for air bladder (sense 2)
an exhibit carried in a parade, esp a religious parade
a motor vehicle used to carry a tableau or exhibit in a parade, esp a civic parade
a small delivery vehicle, esp one powered by batteries ⇒ a milk float
(Australian & New Zealand) a vehicle for transporting horses
(banking, mainly US) the total value of uncollected cheques and other commercial papers
(mainly US & Canadian) a sum to be applied to minor expenses; petty cash
a sum of money used by shopkeepers to provide change at the start of the day’s business, this sum being subtracted from the total at the end of the day when calculating the day’s takings
the hollow floating ball of a ballcock
(engineering) a hollow cylindrical structure in a carburettor that actuates the fuel valve
(mainly US & Canadian) a carbonated soft drink with a scoop of ice cream in it
(in textiles) a single thread brought to or above the surface of a woven fabric, esp to form a pattern
(forestry) a measure of timber equal to eighteen loads