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Pronunciation of Flicks: Learn how to pronounce Flicks in English correctly

Learn how to say Flicks correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flick:

[with object]
strike or propel (something) with a sudden quick movement of the fingers:
Max flicked his bow tie
Ursula flicked some ash off her sleeve
make or cause to make a sudden quick movement:
[with object]:
the horse flicked its tail
[no object]:
the tip of his tongue flicked out
turn (an electrical device) on or off:
he flicked on the air conditioning
Urquart flicked the switch and she blinked in the harsh light
[with object] move (an object) rapidly up and down so as to strike something or someone:
the driver flicked his whip and the cab moved off
1a sudden quick movement:
the flick of a switch
a flick of the wrist
the sudden release of a bent finger or thumb, especially to propel a small object:
he sent his cigarette spinning away with a flick of his fingers
a light, sharp, quickly retracted blow, especially with a whip.
(a flick through) a quick look through (a book, magazine, etc.):
a quick flick through the family album
2 informal a cinema film:
a Hollywood action flick
(the flicks) British the cinema:
fancy a night at the flicks?

give someone the flick (or get the flick)
informal, chiefly Australian reject someone (or be rejected) in a casual or offhand way.
Phrasal Verbs

flick through
look quickly through a book, magazine, etc.:
she was flicking through a copy of Vogue


late Middle English: symbolic, fl- frequently beginning words denoting sudden movement