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Pronunciation of Flaw: Learn how to pronounce Flaw in English correctly

Learn how to say Flaw correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flaw:

a mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object:
a flaw in the glass
a fault or weakness in a person’s character:
he had his flaws, but he was still a great teacher
a mistake or shortcoming in a plan, theory, etc. which causes it to fail or reduces its effectiveness:
there were fundamental flaws in the case for reforming local government
[with object]
mar, weaken, or invalidate (something):
the computer game was flawed by poor programming

Middle English: perhaps from Old Norse flaga ‘slab’. The original sense was ‘a flake of snow’, later, ‘a fragment or splinter’, hence ‘a defect or imperfection’ (late 15th century)