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Pronunciation of Flavoured: Learn how to pronounce Flavoured in English correctly

Learn how to say Flavoured correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flavour:

1the distinctive taste of a food or drink:
the yoghurt comes in eight fruit flavours
[mass noun]:
adding sun-dried tomatoes gives the sauce extra flavour
chiefly US a substance used to alter or enhance the taste of food or drink; a flavouring.
2 [in singular] an indication of the essential character of something:
the extracts give a flavour of the content and tone of the conversation
[in singular] a distinctive quality or atmosphere:
whitewashed walls and red pantiles gave the resort a Mediterranean flavour
3a kind, variety, or sort:
various flavours of firewall are evolving
4 Physics a quantized property of quarks which differentiates them into at least six varieties (up, down, charmed, strange, top, bottom). Compare with colour.
[with object]
alter or enhance the taste of (food or drink) by adding a particular ingredient:
chunks of chicken flavoured with herbs

flavour of the month
a person or thing that enjoys a short period of great popularity:
American sitcoms are currently flavour of the month


late Middle English (in the sense ‘fragrance, aroma’): from Old French flaor, perhaps based on a blend of Latin flatus ‘blowing’ and foetor ‘stench’; the -v- appears to have been introduced in Middle English by association with savour. sense 1 of the noun dates from the late 17th century