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Pronunciation of Flathead: Learn how to pronounce Flathead in English correctly

Learn how to say Flathead correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flathead:

1an edible tropical marine fish that has a pointed flattened head with the eyes positioned on the top, typically burrowing in the seabed with just the eyes showing.
Family Platycephalidae: several genera and species
2 (Flathead) a member of certain North American Indian peoples such as the Chinook, Choctaw, and Salish, named from their supposed practice of flattening their children’s heads artificially.
3 [as modifier] US (of an engine) having the valves and spark plugs in the cylinder block rather than the cylinder head, which is essentially a flat plate.
(of a vehicle) having a flathead engine.
4 [as modifier] US (of a screw) countersunk.