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Pronunciation of Flask: Learn how to pronounce Flask in English correctly

Learn how to say Flask correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flask:

1a container for liquids, in particular:
a narrow-necked glass container, typically conical or spherical, used in a laboratory to hold reagents or samples.
a narrow-necked bulbous glass container, typically with a covering of wickerwork, for storing wine or oil.
British a vacuum flask.
a hip flask.
the contents of a flask:
a flask of coffee
2an extremely strong lead-lined container for transporting or storing radioactive nuclear waste.
3 historicalshort for powder flask.

Middle English (in the sense ‘cask’): from medieval Latin flasca. From the mid 16th century the word denoted a case of horn, leather, or metal for carrying gunpowder. The sense ‘glass container’ (late 17th century) was influenced by Italian fiasco, from medieval Latin flasco. Compare with flagon