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Pronunciation of Flare: Learn how to pronounce Flare in English correctly

Learn how to say Flare correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flare:

1a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light:
the flare of the match lit up his face
a device producing a very bright flame, used especially as a signal or marker:
a distress flare
[as modifier]:
a flare gun
[in singular] a sudden burst of intense emotion:
she felt a flare of anger within her
a sudden recurrence of an inflammation or other medical condition:
corticosteroid treatment for colitis flares
Astronomy a sudden explosion in the chromosphere and corona of the sun or another star, resulting in an intense burst of radiation. See also solar flare.
[mass noun] Photography extraneous illumination on film caused by internal reflection in the camera.
2a gradual widening in shape, especially towards the hem of a garment.
(flares) trousers whose legs get progressively wider from the knees down.
[mass noun] an upward and outward curve of a ship’s bows, designed to throw the water outwards when in motion.
[no object]
1burn or shine with a sudden intensity:
the bonfire crackled and flared up
behind him, lightning flared
(of a situation or emotion) suddenly become intense or violent:
tempers flared as supporters scuffled with other passengers
the controversy flared up again in 2003
(flare up) (of a person) suddenly become angry:
she flared up, shouting at Geoffrey
2 (often as adjective flared) gradually become wider at one end:
a flared skirt
the dress flared out into a huge train
(of a person’s nostrils) dilate:
his head lifted fractionally, his nostrils flaring
[with object] (of a person) cause (the nostrils) to dilate.

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘spread out one’s hair’): of unknown origin. Current senses date from the 17th century