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Pronunciation of Flake: Learn how to pronounce Flake in English correctly

Learn how to say Flake correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flake:

1a small, flat, very thin piece of something, typically one which has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece:
he licked the flakes of croissant off his finger
a snowflake:
the snow was coming down in thick flakes
Archaeology a piece of hard stone chipped off for use as a tool by prehistoric humans:
[as modifier]:
flake tools
[mass noun] thin pieces of crushed, dried food or bait for fish.
2North American informal a crazy or eccentric person.
1 [no object] come or fall away from a surface in flakes:
the paint had been flaking off for years
lose small fragments from the surface:
my nails have started to flake at the ends
2 [with object] separate (food) into flakes or thin pieces:
(as adjective flaked)
flaked almonds
[no object] (of food) come apart in flakes or thin pieces:
cook until the fish flakes easily

Middle English: the immediate source is unknown, the senses perhaps deriving from different words; probably of Germanic origin and related to flag2 and flaw1