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Pronunciation of Flails: Learn how to pronounce Flails in English correctly

Learn how to say Flails correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word flail:

a threshing tool consisting of a wooden staff with a short heavy stick swinging from it.
a device similar to a flail, used as a weapon or for flogging.
a machine having a similar action to a flail, used for threshing or slashing:
[as modifier]:
a flail hedge trimmer
1wave or swing wildly:
[no object]:
his arms flailed as he sought to maintain his balance
[no object] flounder; struggle uselessly:
I was flailing about in the water
2 [with object] beat or flog (someone):
he escorted them, flailing their shoulders with his cane
British cut (vegetation) with a flail:
the modern practice of flailing hedges every year with mechanical cutters

Old English, of West Germanic origin, based on Latin flagellum ‘whip’ (see flagellum); probably influenced in Middle English by Old French flaiel or Dutch vlegel