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Pronunciation of Find: Learn how to pronounce Find in English correctly

Learn how to say Find correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word find:

verb (past and past participle found /faʊnd/)
[with object]
1discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly:
Lindsey looked up to find Niall watching her
the remains of a headless body had been found
discover after a deliberate search:
I can’t find my keys
the sailor and his crew were found safe and well last night
(find oneself) discover oneself to be in a particular situation:
phobia sufferers often find themselves virtual prisoners in their own home
succeed in obtaining (something):
he’s still struggling to find the money for the trip
summon up (a quality, especially courage) with an effort:
I found the courage to speak
[no object] (of hunters or hounds) discover game, especially a fox:
Lady Montego heard the new halloo—they had found
2identify (something) as being present:
vitamin B12 is found in dairy products
a rare species found only in the Italian Alps
discover or experience to be the case:
[with object and infinitive]:
the majority of staff find the magazine to be informative and useful
[with clause]:
she found that none of the local nursery schools had an available slot
ascertain by study, calculation, or inquiry:
the class are encouraged to find their own solutions to problems
(find oneself) discover the fundamental truths about one’s own character and identity.
[with object and complement] experience or regard (something) in a specified way:
both men found it difficult to put ideas into words
Law (of a court) officially declare to be the case:
[with object and complement]:
he was found guilty of speeding
[with clause]:
the court found that a police lab expert had fabricated evidence
3reach or arrive at by a natural or normal process:
water finds its own level
(find one’s way) reach one’s destination, typically without first knowing how to get there:
she’ll never find her way to the house on her own
(of a letter) reach (someone).
a discovery of something valuable, typically something of archaeological interest:
he made his most spectacular finds in the Valley of the Kings
a person who is discovered to be useful or interesting in some way:
Ted had turned out to be a real find
Hunting the finding of a fox.