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Pronunciation of Fight: Learn how to pronounce Fight in English correctly

Learn how to say Fight correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fight:

verb (past and past participle fought /fɔːt/)
1 [no object] take part in a violent struggle involving the exchange of physical blows or the use of weapons:
the men were fighting
protesters fought with police
Cameron fought back as hard as he could
engage in a war or battle:
those who had fought for King and country
[with object]:
the country is still fighting a civil war
[with object] archaic command, manage, or manoeuvre (troops, a ship, or military equipment) in battle:
General Hill fights his troops well
quarrel or argue:
they were fighting over who pays the bill
[with object] take part in a boxing match against (an opponent):
McCracken will fight Sheffield’s Martin Smith
2 [with object] struggle to overcome, eliminate, or prevent:
a churchman who has dedicated his life to fighting racism
the company intends to fight the decision
[no object] strive to achieve or do something:
I will fight for a fairer society
for several days, doctors fought to save his life
endeavour vigorously to win (an election or other contest).
attempt to repress (a feeling or its expression):
she had to fight back tears of frustration
(fight one’s way) move forward with difficulty, especially by pushing through a crowd:
she watched him fight his way across the room
a violent confrontation or struggle:
he’d got into a fight with some bouncers outside a club
a boxing match.
a battle or war:
Britain might have given up her fight against Germany
a vigorous struggle or campaign for or against something:
their fight for control of the company
a long fight against cancer
an argument or quarrel:
he’d had another fight with Katie
[mass noun] the inclination or ability to fight or struggle:
Ginny felt the fight trickle out of her