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Pronunciation of Fiddled: Learn how to pronounce Fiddled in English correctly

Learn how to say Fiddled correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fiddle:

1 informal a violin.
2 informal, chiefly British an act of defrauding, cheating, or falsifying:
a major mortgage fiddle
3British informal a small task that seems awkward and unnecessarily complex:
inserting a tape is a bit of a fiddle
4 Nautical a ledge or raised rim that prevents things from rolling or sliding off a table in rough seas.
1 [no object] touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way:
Lena fiddled with her cup
tinker with something in an attempt to make minor adjustments or improvements:
he fiddled with the blind, trying to prevent the sun from shining in her eyes
(fiddle around) pass time aimlessly, without doing or achieving anything of substance.
2 [with object] informal, chiefly British falsify (figures, data, or records), typically in order to gain money:
everyone is fiddling their expenses
3 [no object] informal play the violin.
fiddle while Rome burns
be concerned with relatively trivial matters while ignoring the serious or disastrous events going on around one.
(as) fit as a fiddle
in very good health.
on the fiddle
informal, chiefly British engaged in cheating or swindling.
play second fiddle
have a subordinate role to someone or something; be treated as less important than someone or something:
he resented playing second fiddle to his younger brother
Old English fithele, denoting a violin or similar instrument (originally not an informal or depreciatory term), related to Dutch vedel and German Fiedel, based on Latin vitulari ‘celebrate a festival, be joyful’, perhaps from Vitula, the name of a Roman goddess of joy and victory. Compare with viol