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Pronunciation of Fail: Learn how to pronounce Fail in English correctly

Learn how to say Fail correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fail:

[no object]
1be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal:
he failed in his attempt to secure election
[with infinitive]:
they failed to be ranked in the top ten
[with object] be unsuccessful in (an examination or interview):
she failed her finals
[with object] (of a person or a commodity) be unable to meet the standards set by (a test of quality or eligibility):
a player has failed a drugs test
[with object] judge (a candidate in an examination or test) not to have passed:
the criteria used to pass or fail the candidate
2neglect to do something:
[with infinitive]:
the firm failed to give adequate risk warnings
[with infinitive] behave in a way contrary to expectations by not doing something:
commuter chaos has again failed to materialize
[with object] desert or let down (someone):
at the last moment her nerve failed her
3cease to work properly; break down:
a lorry whose brakes had failed
become weaker or of poorer quality:
the light began to fail
(as adjective failing)
his failing health
(of rain or a crop or supply) be insufficient when needed or expected:
the drought means crops have failed
(of a business or a person) cease trading because of lack of funds:
he lost his savings when the store failed
1a mark which is not high enough to pass an examination or test:
[as modifier]:
a fail grade
2 informal a mistake, failure, or instance of poor performance:
their customer service is a massive fail
[mass noun]:
his first product demo was full of fail