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Pronunciation of Fade: Learn how to pronounce Fade in English correctly

Learn how to say Fade correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word fade:

[no object]
1gradually grow faint and disappear:
the light had faded and dusk was advancing
the noise faded away
hopes of peace had faded
lose or cause to lose colour or brightness:
[no object]:
his fair hair had faded to a dusty grey
[with object]: (usually as adjective faded)
faded jeans
(of a flower) lose freshness and wither.
(fade away) (of a person) gradually become thin and weak, especially to the point of death:
without help, those of us who are ill will surely fade away and die
(of a racehorse, runner, etc.) lose strength and cease to perform well:
she faded near the finish
(of a vehicle brake) become temporarily less efficient as a result of frictional heating:
the brakes faded, needing a firmer push to bring the car to halt
2 [with adverbial] (with reference to film and television images) come or cause to come gradually into or out of view, or to merge into another shot:
[no object]:
fade into scenes of rooms strewn with festive remains
[with object]:
some shots have to be faded in
(with reference to recorded sound) increase or decrease in volume or merge into another recording:
[no object]:
they let you edit the digital data, making it fade in and out
[with object]:
he skilfully fades the guitar lines up and down
3 Golf (of the ball) deviate to the right (or, for a left-handed golfer, the left), typically as a result of spin given to the ball:
the ball faded toward an area left of the green
[with object] (of a golfer) cause (the ball) to deviate:
he had to fade the ball around a light pole
4 [with object] North American informal (in craps) match the bet of (another player):
Lovejoy faded him for twenty-five cents
1 [mass noun] the process of becoming less bright:
the sun can cause colour fade
[count noun] an act of causing a film or television image to darken and disappear gradually:
a fade to black would bring the sequence to a close
2 Golf a shot causing the ball to deviate to the right (or, for a left-handed golfer, the left):
when they get to the 18th the ideal shot is a fade