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Pronunciation of Facsimiles: Learn how to pronounce Facsimiles in English correctly

Learn how to say Facsimiles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word facsimile:

an exact copy, especially of written or printed material:
a facsimile of the manuscript
[as modifier]:
facsimile editions
another term for fax1.
verb (facsimiles, facsimileing, facsimiled)
[with object]
make a copy of:
the ride was facsimiled for another theme park

in facsimile

as an exact copy:
thirty pages are reproduced in facsimile

late 16th century (originally as fac simile, denoting the making of an exact copy, especially of writing): modern Latin, from Latin fac! (imperative of facere ‘make’) and simile (neuter of similis ‘like’)