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Pronunciation of Eyes: Learn how to pronounce Eyes in English correctly

Learn how to say Eyes correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word eye:

the organ of sight in humans and animals
the eyeball
the iris ⇒ brown eyes
the area around the eye, including the eyelids ⇒ to get a black eye
([often pl.]) the power of seeing; sight; vision ⇒ weak eyes
a look; glance; gaze ⇒ to cast an eye on something
attention; regard; observation
the power of judging, estimating, discriminating, etc. by eyesight ⇒ a good eye for distances
([often pl.]) judgment; opinion; estimation ⇒ in the eyes of the law
a thing like an eye in appearance or function (; specif.,)
a bud of a tuber, as a potato
the spot on a peacock’s tail feather
the center of a flower; disk
a hole in a tool, as for a handle
the threading hole in a needle
a loop of metal, rope, or thread ⇒ hook and eye
an organ sensitive to light, as in certain lower forms of life
photoelectric cell
a section of any of certain cuts of meat ⇒ eye of round
a hole, as in certain cheeses
(slang, obsolete) a private detective; private eye
(meteorology) the calm, low-pressure area at the center of a hurricane, around which winds of high velocity move
([pl.], nautical) the part of the main deck of a vessel that is farthest forward
transitive verb
Word forms: eyed, ˈeyeing, ˈeying
to look at; watch carefully; observe
to provide with eyes, or holes
intransitive verb
(obsolete) to appear (to the eyes)