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Pronunciation of Extracted: Learn how to pronounce Extracted in English correctly

Learn how to say Extracted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word extract:

transitive verb
to draw out by effort; pull out ⇒ to extract a tooth, to extract a promise from someone
to remove or separate (metal) from ore
to obtain (a substance, esp. an essence or concentrate) by pressing, distilling, using a solvent, etc. ⇒ to extract juice from fruit
to obtain as if by drawing out; deduce (a principle), derive or elicit (information, pleasure, etc.), or the like
to copy out or quote (a passage from a book, etc.); excerpt
(ancient mathematics) to compute (the root of a quantity)
something extracted (; specif.,)
a concentrated form, whether solid, viscid, or liquid, of a food, flavoring, etc. ⇒ beef extract
a passage selected from a book, etc.; excerpt; quotation
(pharmacy) the concentrated substance obtained by dissolving a drug in some solvent, as ether or alcohol, and then evaporating the preparation