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Pronunciation of Extend: Learn how to pronounce Extend in English correctly

Learn how to say Extend correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word extend:

transitive verb
to stretch out or draw out to a certain point, or for a certain distance or time
to enlarge in area, scope, influence, meaning, effect, etc.; widen; broaden; expand; spread
to stretch or thrust forth; hold out; proffer
to present for acceptance; offer; accord; grant
to stretch or straighten out (a flexed limb of the body)
to make longer in time or space; prolong
to allow a period of time for the payment of (a loan, mortgage, etc.) beyond that originally set
to make (oneself) work or try very hard
to give added bulk or body to (a substance) by adding another, usually cheaper or inferior, substance
(obsolete) to gain control of by force
(business) to calculate (an amount on an invoice) by multiplying quantity by price
intransitive verb
to be extended
to lie or stretch ⇒ the fence extends to the meadow