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Pronunciation of Expression: Learn how to pronounce Expression in English correctly

Learn how to say Expression correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word expression:

a pressing out or squeezing out, as of juice
a putting into words or representing in language
a picturing, representing, or symbolizing in art, music, etc.
a manner of expressing; esp., a meaningful and eloquent manner of speaking, singing, etc. ⇒ to read with expression
a particular word, phrase, or sentence ⇒ “catch cold” is an idiomatic expression
a showing of feeling, character, etc. ⇒ laughter as an expression of joy
a look, intonation, sign, etc. that conveys meaning or feeling ⇒ a quizzical expression on the face
a symbol or set of symbols expressing some mathematical fact, as a quantity or operation
a showing by a symbol, sign, figures, etc.
(genetics) the manifestation of a trait caused by a particular gene