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Pronunciation of Expressing: Learn how to pronounce Expressing in English correctly

Learn how to say Expressing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word express:

transitive verb
to press out or squeeze out (juice, etc.)
to get by pressure; elicit by force; extort
to put into words; represent by language; state
to make known; reveal; show ⇒ his face expressed sorrow
to show (a genetic trait)
to picture, represent, or symbolize in music, art, etc.
to show by sign; symbolize; signify ⇒ the sign + expresses addition
(US) to send by express
expressed and not implied; explicit ⇒ to give express orders
specific ⇒ his express reason for going
exact ⇒ she is the express image of her aunt
made for or suited to a special purpose ⇒ express regulations
fast, direct, and making few stops ⇒ an express train
characterized by speed or velocity (; specif.,)
for fast driving ⇒ an express highway
high-speed ⇒ an express bullet
for high-speed projectiles ⇒ an express rifle
having to do with railway express, pony express, etc.
by express
(mainly British)
a special messenger; courier
a message delivered by such a messenger; dispatch sent swiftly
an express train, bus, elevator, etc.
an express rifle
the pony express
a method or service for transporting goods or sending money or mail rapidly, but at extra cost
the goods transported or money sent by express
a business concern operating such a service
any method or means of swift transmission
exˈplicit, ˈutter