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Pronunciation of Expresses: Learn how to pronounce Expresses in English correctly

Learn how to say Expresses correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word express:

verb (transitive)
to transform (ideas) into words; utter; verbalize
to show or reveal; indicate ⇒ tears express grief
to communicate (emotion, etc) without words, as through music, painting, etc
to indicate through a symbol, formula, etc
to force or squeeze out ⇒ to express the juice from an orange
to send by rapid transport or special messenger
See express oneself
adjective (prenominal)
clearly indicated or shown; explicitly stated ⇒ an express wish
done or planned for a definite reason or goal; particular ⇒ an express purpose
of, concerned with, or designed for rapid transportation of people, merchandise, mail, money, etc ⇒ express delivery, an express depot
a system for sending merchandise, mail, money, etc, rapidly
merchandise, mail, etc, conveyed by such a system
(mainly US & Canadian) an enterprise operating such a system
Also called: express train. a fast train stopping at none or only a few of the intermediate stations between its two termini
See express rifle
by means of a special delivery or express delivery ⇒ it went express
Derived Forms
exˈpresser noun
exˈpressible adjective
Word Origin
C14: from Latin expressus, literally: squeezed out, hence, prominent, from exprimere to force out, from ex-1 + premere to press