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Pronunciation of Exposing: Learn how to pronounce Exposing in English correctly

Learn how to say Exposing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word expose:

verb (transitive)
to display for viewing; exhibit
to bring to public notice; disclose; reveal ⇒ to expose the facts
to divulge the identity of; unmask
(followed by to) to make subject or susceptible (to attack, criticism, etc)
to abandon (a child, animal, etc) in the open to die
(followed by to) to introduce (to) or acquaint (with) ⇒ he was exposed to the classics at an early age
(photography) to subject (a photographic film or plate) to light, X-rays, or some other type of actinic radiation
(Roman Catholic Church) to exhibit (the consecrated Eucharistic Host or a relic) for public veneration
See expose oneself
Derived Forms
exˈposable adjective
exˈposal noun
exˈposer noun
Word Origin
C15: from Old French exposer, from Latin expōnere to set out; see exponent